Why is St.John's Gospel so different?

Jan Daffy. 15 March sermon

Sir, we would like to SEE Jesus

Choir and Rev.Steve. March 22

Palms are a sign of VICTORY!!!

Feel the JOY!!

Easter Day with Rev.Steve

As the Father sends Me, I am sending you

We are all witnesses

Regional Church followers of Jesus

How is JOY different from HAPPINESS?

Ascension Sunday

'Feast of Weeks' Pentecost

Awesome God

Fellowship in our cross cultural church

The tapestry on my wall

Tackling Rejection

Go with the flow of God's love

Building our Regional Church with God's steadfast Love

David, Philip and Andrew

Jesus, the Bread of LOVE

Jesus, the Bread of LIFE

Rev.Dr.Christine Sorensen

Glen's Sermon

Rev Stephen's Sermon

Combined Regional Service

Glen's Sermon - Singing, Praying and Healing church

We might break human laws but we don't break God's love.

"What must we do to inherit eternal life?"

Jesus Calls Us to a New Lifestyle

First Sunday of Advent

The Second Sunday of Advent

"Jesus is Joy" - Third Sunday in Advent

"A Blessing from Bethlehem" - The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Christmas Day

"The Rich Man and Lazarus"

"Claiming the Promise"

"The Love of the Father"

"Jesus' first miracle – Water to Wine"

Transfiguration Sunday - Rev Stephen

"Jesus' presence is with us forever"

"Waiting for God"

"The Parable of the Fig Tree"

The Prodigal Son

Mary pours oil on the feet of Jesus

Palm Sunday

Rev Stephen's Easter Message

Rev Stephen

Good Shepard Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Does God live in us?

"Who would true valour see?"

Jesus sends out the Seventy-Two

"Old Testament"


"Heroes of Faith"

"Christ's new Covenant"

"Welcome to the Party"

" Rev Jerry "

God's Calling

The story of Zacchaeus - Chief tax collector

Helping each other



Jesus compassion transform

Christmas Eve Service

Rev Stephen

Rev Bill Clark

Rev Bill Clark

Rev Frank Tuppin

Rev Bill Clark

Rev Bill Clark

Rev Stephen

Rev Stephen

Rev Stephen

Sunday Sermon - Rev Chris Ambrose